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We provide a complete business solution to increase your vacation rental revenue. It’s based on a combination of human expertise and up-to-date technology.

Let’s start by what we don’t do: we do not sell a ready-made IT platform, nor a monthly subscription.

We leverage our experience and our IT tools to design solutions that will augment your bookings and increase your productivity & efficiency. It starts with us understanding your business. Our consultant (partner level) will be in touch with you and go through your business model and operation procedures. After analysing your business situation and needs, we will be in a position to recommend the right tools and approach.

This is done at no cost to you and there is no set-up cost either. Our remuneration is entirely performance based.

On Boarding Process

After agreeing on a roadmap, we formalize our partnership through a written agreement.
The consultant who initially got in touch with you and introduced our system will be the same following up with you and your team on a daily basis. It guarantees consistency and it promotes a warm and friendly working atmosphere, which we deem essential in our industry. This first phase typically takes 2-3 weeks.

Depending on the scope of our collaboration, we set-up the channel manager, property management system and create the listings.

Our platform is easy to use, both on laptops and mobiles, letting you focus on delivering amazing experiences to your guests instead of trying to figure out the mysteries of computer systems!

Not set-up cost

Turn Key solution adapted to your business


Our remuneration is 100% performance based. We get remunerated by the additional value we create for your business.

  • Not set-up cost

  • No fixed cost

  • No subscription cost

Our remuneration is a percentage of the extra revenue generated through our listings.
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