Online Platform

Linda runs a large vacation rental agency in California, with several hundred properties in her portfolio. She has developed her own e-platform that allows direct bookings, similar to other famous OTAs.

Potential guests ask more and more questions before booking and expect answers to be fast, at any time of the day or night. Linda’s scale did not allow her to employ operators 24/7 to respond to all these requests. And she soon realized that she was losing opportunities in the evening as messages remained unanswered till the next morning.

Linda searched for a partner who would have 10 to 12-hour time difference with her team and would be familiar with Airbnb operations and guest profiles. And that’s how she found Club Miracle, a prominent player with more than 4000 reviews on our main account. Linda outsourced the answering on all platforms to Club Miracle outside of her office hours to provide full coverage and increase her conversion rate.

Club Miracle Booking Tracker is the tool for teams in various parts of the world to work seamlessly and follow-up on leads until a booking is confirmed. Transition between various teams can happen several times a day without any loss of information.