Large Vacation Rental Agency

Stavros has been managing a popular travel agency in the Cyclades (Greece) for the last 15 years. Stavros and his team of 12 people more than 200 properties and have a strong database of repeat customers who love their service and warm hospitality.

With the emergence of online platforms, the nature of the vacation rental industry has changed over the last few years. Stavros and his team have adapted but they have no IT specialist in their team. They realized that they were under-utilizing the potential of these new channels.

Club Miracle approached Stavros offering to unite their forces. The two teams realizing the extent of the synergies their partnership could generate, agreed on a schedule to implement progressive improvements, without disrupting the existing business.

For Club Miracle, the key to a successful collaboration was to understand our partner’s business in depth and roll out changes in a progressive and controlled way. We put in place the channel manager and used this base to strengthen and augment the listings.

Channel Manager, Villa Manager and Owner’s Portal