Guest Experience

We address the complete guest relationship: pre-booking, booking confirmation, pre-arrival communication, check-in, stay, check-out.

The guests are properly informed at each stage of their stay. The owner’s touch will make their stay truly unforgettable.

Owner Booking Confirmation

Once a booking has been confirmed, the Owner/Property Manager receives a confirmation with the information relative to guests and their booking as well as a pre-arrival check list.

Guest Booking Confirmation

The guest receives a confirmation of his booking with all arrival and check-in information and a reminder of special requirements.

Chat System

Instant communication with guests is made possible through our dedicated chat system. Web-based, it does not require the installation or use of a special app.

Check-in & Check-out

Specific tools and reminders are available to support the check-in and check-out processes record of electricity consumption and reminders on payment collection.

Contract and House Manuel

A specific check-in contract is drafted for each property to remind the house rules. A house manual is also edited.


Directions and pick-up information are provided.

Services & Activities

A list of services and activities is sent to the guests prior to their arrival for their easy planning.