Property Manager

Stephane started a property management business in Florida 10 years ago. Thanks to his dedication and professionalism, his customer portfolio quickly grew and he’s currently responsible to look after 90+ villas in some of the country’s sunniest areas!

Stephane quickly noticed that most of the villas were left empty except for a few weeks when the owners were spending their yearly vacation. While he realized there was potential to generate extra revenue with short term rental, his rapidly growing business did not leave him any time to address this opportunity.

Stephane relied on Club Miracle’s expertise to offer his property’s owners the opportunity to generate extra revenue through short term vacation rental. Some properties had resident teams in place to take care of check-in, check-out and cleaning. It was easy to start. For the others, Stephane used his own team to gradually expand the base of villas offered for rental, creating additional value for his agency and his clients.

Club Miracle provided Stephane with all the marketing material and admin documents – contracts – to approach and convince property’s owners to offer their villas on the short-term rental market. Club Miracle implemented its full solution gradually, as and when owners gave their green light. The Villa Manager system gave all necessary planning tools to Stephane to quickly deploy his team. Some customisations were introduced.

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