Human Expertise

In five years, we grew from scratch to become the biggest vacation rental agency in Thailand. Even during the COVID pandemic, we continued to gain market share.

We speak the languages of our guests, having a deep understanding of the needs and wishes of various cultures. We speak English, French, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Thai, Greek, Spanish, Italian and German.

Before we even developed the IT tools that now support our business, we designed new processes to secure more bookings and increase our guest satisfaction during their stays with us. We introduced several innovative ideas that have changed the local market. Later, as we grew, we focused on creating the IT platform that helped us apply these ideas to a bigger number of properties without compromising on quality and the attention we give to each guest.


We first mastered the art of creating perfect listings and we made sure they were consistently on top of the search engines. There are various technical tricks that contribute significantly to the success of a listing.

As our business grew, we had to select a proper channel manager. There are various satisfactory options in the market, there was no point developing our own channel manager.
We selected Beds24 as it’s a complete solution, at a very competitive price. And we could interface it with our developments.

On another hand, there is no affordable property management system that offers all the functions we needed. We developed our own Villa Manager on a flexible PHP mobile platform that allows us to continue adding new features seamlessly, including those suggested by our partners and customers.

And since our core business remains managing properties rather than selling software, we offered this package of industry expertise and technical know-how to partners that could visibly benefit from it.


Gilles Mangin


Gilles Mangin is a 50yo French engineer. He has spent most of his career in Asia, working for lifestyle companies before moving to Phuket where he co-founded Club Miracle with his wife Rita. He has a deep understanding of the Chinese market and heads the original South-East Asia office.

Mathieu Coulon


Mathieu Coulon, French, 40yo, is a born entrepreneur with a friendly and approachable personality most loved by our partners. With Club Miracle since the beginning, Mathieu has been instrumental in the success of the company in Phuket. He has put in place most of the IT tools used by the agency today and works closely with our partners to implement our solutions.

Marthe-Hélène Gabon Héraud


Marthe-Hélène Gabon Héraut is Franco-Greek and has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the USA. Both an artist and a businesswoman, MH has propelled Club Miracle's development around the Mediterranean basin thanks to her enthusiasm and sincere attention to clients.

Rita Mangin


Rita Mangin is a 41yo Chinese MBA holder. She co-founded Club Miracle. Exposed to the US and European business cultures, Rita has an in-depth understanding of guest expectations. She manages the real estate branch of Club Miracle.