5* Listings

We start by optimizing your existing listings and creating new ones, when needed. Our team takes full charge of all the IT set-up while you support us with meaningful input and marketing insight pertinent to your property and area.

This is part of our on-boarding process. No set-up fees are required.


We write or rewrite titles and descriptions, unique to each property, in several languages. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian are included by default.

Photo Guidance

We assess your property photos and provide you with sharp input on how to improve them, if necessary. The photos are sorted and stored on a server accessible by business partners.

Listing Creation

Using our Channel Manager, we directly create the listings on the OTAs we identified together as most relevant.

Airbnb Optimisation

Airbnb daily management is our core expertise and we are recognized as a key partner in Asia-Pacific. We maintain two Airbnb listings for each property, with different characteristics and filters. One of these listings will be hosted on our own account, which currently has more than 4000 reviews.