Booking Accelerator

This is our core expertise. We get bookings for your property while you focus on delivering the best possible experience to your guests.


We believe in human expertise over automation to manage daily prices and we usually work on bi-monthly updates to optimize occupancy. Your property’s pricing approach is based on your choice of a strategic scenario upon our recommendation of a few options.

Booking Tracker

Our team answers all your guests’ messages until a booking is confirmed. We answer in the guests’ language, 24/7. All interactions with the guests are recorded in our proprietary Booking Tracker for real-time monitoring of our performance and easy hand-over between operators.

Property Wiki

The FAQ regarding your property are recorded in an internal WIKI to facilitate answers. We do not rely on automated answers except for the most common questions.

Supporting Agents

Agents can access a page showing all the properties and their availability. A customized website for agents reselling your properties can also be created.

Branded Website

A standalone webpage is created for each property. This gives the opportunity to send the link to potential guests inquiring about this property.

Miracle website

Each property is also made available under This website uses an original presentation but also refers guests to traditional OTAs for customers used to booking with Airbnb, and other famous sites.