Will you be next?

For reasons of confidentiality and for exemplarity purposes, the cases described in this section reflect the reality of our business operations without being 100% real. Names and circumstances have been changed and different profiles have been merged into one.

Let’s summarise a few key points:

  • How do we meet our customers? Most of our current customers have come to us through our network and word-of-mouth. We also approach individuals or agencies when we think there is a meaningful opportunity.
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive? Our method works best when we are given the opportunity to manage a property exclusively. We are able to deliver enough bookings to generate excellent return on investment for our owners. Yet, we can also work on a non-exclusive basis and use our channel manager to maximise booking opportunities, combining our partner’s sources and ours.
  • Individual owners, developers or agencies? We have the capacity to add value to anyone involved in the short term vacation rental business thanks to the complete range of tools we have developed. We do not sell a fixed application for which you would have to pay us a subscription. Instead, we analyse our customers’ business and offer ideas and technical solutions to grab new opportunities.
  • How do we get paid? Our remuneration is exclusively performance based. Learn more here.
  • And there is no set-up cost. Our consultant will accompany you from the first conversation till the launch.
  • How did Covid affect us? The closure of international borders in Thailand had a deep impact on our business. We recognized the issue early, in March 2020. We constantly reinvented ourselves to seize new opportunities and we were able to continue delivering value for our property’s owners. We took advantage of the extra time freed by the slowdown to continue developing our IT tools very actively. And we successfully prospected territories outside of Thailand, setting up our first branch office in Greece and preparing the launch in Florida, covering the whole Caribbean. As soon as active travelling resumes, we will be in a unique position to catch new opportunities.