Channel Manager

The role of the Channel Manager is to synchronise bookings coming from different platforms to have a synthetic calendar view and avoid double bookings or lost opportunities. Properly set-up, a Channel Manager contributes to the booking success of a property.

There is no separate cost for Beds24. It’s bundled in our offer.

Choosing the right channel manager

We have chosen not to develop our own channel manager as there are excellent options existing in the market. Instead, we have dedicated our resources to developing tools that enhance the channel manager.


After an extensive market review, we have selected Beds24 as our channel manager partner. It offers a wide range of functions and we have developed unique ways to optimize its power.

Set Up

We take care of the complete set-up. We give you full access to all functions: calendar, pricing and more.

Dedicated or shared account

You can choose to have your own dedicated Beds24 account (ideal for a number of properties above 20) or use our own base.