Individual Owner, non-exclusive

David and Gillian have retired in the Dominican Republic. They live in a beautiful beach front property and have bought another one in the same residence for short term rental.

David and Gillian were excited to manage everything by themselves at the beginning. But they quickly grew tired of it, having less and less time for themselves. They also realized it was difficult to keep adjusting to new market conditions and IT evolutions.

David and Gillian appointed a local property management agency that handles check-in and check-out of guests, cleaning and coordinates with the residence handyman when necessary. The agency also gets bookings from time to time. Through a friend’s recommendation, David and Gillian got to know Club Miracle and they asked us to manage their bookings to boost their revenue.

While most of the bookings come from Club Miracle, David and Gillian still get some reservations from other sources. Thanks to the channel manager, we made sure there is no double booking or lost opportunity. The Villa Manager and the integrated Owner’s portal provide the communication platform that allows the 3 parties (owner, concierge, Club Miracle) to work seamlessly together.

5* Listings, Booking Accelerator, Channel Manager, Villa Manager and Owner’s Portal